Dj's Two Day Weight Training Routine For Beginners

This workout is pretty basic, but very thorough. It will give you a hearty balance of endurance and power, but doesn't focus on either too much. Excellent beginners guide.

First off, lift twice a week, such as Tuesday-Friday. Resting about 2-3 minutes between sets, attempt to perform 2 sets of 8, and a final set of six on each lift. If you can successfully perform the first two sets of 8 reps, add five pounds and attempt 6 reps, otherwise go to failure with the current weight for your third set.

If you can complete all three sets, a  total of 22 reps, add 5 pounds to your starting weight for the next workout.

Warm up with about 25% of the weight you use for your sets, for 12 reps, then 8 reps with 50%.


Bench - 205 lbs for sets

Warmup: 12 reps with bar, 8 reps with ~100 lbs.


1) 8 reps

2) 8 reps

3) 210 lbs, 6 reps

*Because I made all three sets, I would start with 210 lbs on my next workout day. Stick with the same weight until you are successful.

Here's the routine:

Day 1

Flat Bench

Parallel Squat

Lat pulldowns

Military Press


Incline Flys

Alternate Dumbbell Curl

Day 2

Flat Dumbbell Bench


Lat pulldowns

Parallel Squat

Upright Rows

Alternate Dumbbell Extension (laying on bench)

The most crucial part of this workout is the order. It was made to avoid working any muscle two exercises in a row, so you give it a little rest. Neither I, nor my 3 lifting buddies, have ever stopped making gains in the two years I've used this program. Good luck!

- Routine submitted by DJ

For illustrations and descriptions of the weight training exercises, please go to the following page:

Weight lifting exercises

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