Diamondback elliptical trainer

When I think of Diamondback, I think of BMX’s and mountain bikes.

Probably because I owned a few when I was growing up.

However, Diamondback has expanded their product availability to include fitness equipment that includes exercise bikes, steppers, and elliptical trainers.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I reviewed some of the diamondback elliptical trainers.

However, after taking a closer look at what Diamondback has to offer, they tend to make a half decent elliptical trainer for a pretty good price.

Now, Diamondback has expanded their elliptical trainer market to a wide audience. They now cater to the budget, mid level, and high end elliptical audience. It’s a little strange to see an exercise equipment company try and get into all three markets since it’s very difficult to do. However, Diamondback seems to be doing a pretty good job of it by offering some solid elliptical trainers.

Here are the current diamondback elliptical trainers and corresponding warranties:

• Diamondback Ef elliptical trainer ($699) - Budget;

Life time brake;
2 years parts and electronics;
1 year labor.

• Diamondback 850 Er elliptical trainer ($1,649) - Mid level;

3 year brakes;
2 years parts and electronics;
1 year labor.

• Diamondback 950 Ef elliptical trainer ($2,199) - Mid to high level;
• Diamondback 1180 Er elliptical trainer ($2,199) - Mid to high level;
• Diamondback 1250 Ef elliptical trainer ($2,749) - High level.

4 year brakes;
3 year parts and electronics;
90 day wear items.

I find it a little strange that there are three different warranties for the groups of elliptical trainers but given the nature of diamondback’s markets, each elliptical trainer uses different components and construction.

However, the Diamondback Ef has a pretty strong warranty compare to other elliptical trainers in it’s price range. The warranties for the mid level elliptical trainers are comparable to other elliptical trainers in this price range. However, the high end diamondback elliptical trainer is lacking a little in it’s warranty when compared to other elliptical trainers in this price range.

Overall, I would have to say that the diamondback elliptical trainer is a pretty solid elliptical trainer.

Diamondback elliptical trainer reviews:

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