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Old Dudes Guide To Building Muscle

The following guide is meant for the old dudes who want to get back into shape and build some lean hard muscle mass. It's built around a common sense approach that uses progressive style routines starting with a beginner phase leading up to an advanced stage. This is an 18 week course

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How to Double Your Bodies Anabolic Response…Immediately!

We all want to improve our muscle building efforts and reduce recovery time. What I'm about to tell is how to do both - You'll find out how to optimize your nutrient intake and the most opportune times for the best results.

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Basic 6 Day Home Workout for Beginners

The following workout is based on a 6 day continous full body split. The aim is to train one major muscle group once per week and once indirectly using a spill over technique. This routine will help strengthen your existing muscle base and tone and tighten all the muscles of the body.

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Basic Home Workout for Beginners

The following workout is meant for those of you who can't make it to the gym. This is a beginners 2 day workout that uses a basic barbell, weights, dumbbells and a bench press.

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Dumbbell Workout for Beginners

The following dumbbell workout is for beginners. It can be done from comfort of your own home or at the gym. The workout is performed two to three times per week and uses a full body workout format

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1/2 Hour Muscle Building / Fat Burning Workout for Men

The following workout is a 3 day split that uses half hour workout sessions. The purpose of this workout is to build muscle which uses high intensity techniques

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Squat Alternative For Those Of You With Bad Knees

For years, squats have been my staple but because of my bad knees I can't squat anymore. I've recently found an alternative which gives me squat like results! And best of all it saves my knees

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5 Day Beginer Workout Routine

The following workout is based on a 5 day full body split routine. Each body part is trained once per week allowing for more focus and maximum rest and recuperation periods

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The Absolute Beginners Guide to Building Muscle

The following beginners guide to building muscle is intended to guide novice weight trainers through the entire muscle building process. It includes muscle building techniques and nutritional tips and tricks to build strength and muscle mass

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