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Let's face it, healthy recipes have to taste good.

They not only have to be healthy but they have to taste good and be quick and easy to make.

I don't know about you but I've had my share of tasteless chicken breasts and plain pasta.

This kind of plain diet can test even the most dedicated of weight lifters out there.

Food high in quality calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat is an absolute necessity if you want to build muscle.

Although a necessity, healthy food has to taste good as well as being easy to cook.

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Eating plain chicken breast and tasteless pasta day in and day out is a thing of the past.

I've learned that you have to be a little creative with your food if you want to survive any length of time with a diet.

When I first started weight training, there were no healthy recipes, healthy cook books or any other recipes that would help improve the taste of plain chicken breasts that were healthy and conducive to building muscle.

It's still hard to find great tasting recipes today but with the help of the internet, it's a lot easier. With that being said, there are much more resources online that make it much easier to follow a healthy diet.

Fortunately, I've kept a stash of recipes on hand to share with you. These recipes are tasty and very quick to make.

The important thing to remember about putting together your diet is to ensure your recipes and menus contain your own nutritional requirements. If you don't know your goal nutritional requirements, please click on the link below. Remember that complete and balanced nutrition is the real key to building muscle.

Diet Section

After you've found your optimal amount of nutrients, it's a matter of putting together a menu which is conducive to achieving your goals. Of course, you will have to adjust the ingredients in the listed recipes to match that of your own needs. Make adjustments to your recipes that you deem necessary.

Before I go any further, I want to recommend a resource that is a must have book. It's a muscle building cook book with over 200 muscle building recipes. Each recipe is delicious and best of all, they are super easy to make. The book is called "The Anabolic Cook Book" and is written by fitness expert, Dave Ruel.

I've purchased this book and have been following it religously for the past two weeks and I can honestly say, it's been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I only wish this type of resource was available years ago - Believe me, it's that good.

As well as having over 200 muscle building recipes, it has menu plans for 1,200 calories up to 4,000 calories. All you have to do is pick a plan and follow it - It couldn't be any easier. You can read my personal review of this book at:

Dave Ruel Anabolic Cooking Review

I suggest you eat 6 meals per day. An ideal eating schedule will look something like this:

-Mid morning meal
-Mid afternoon meal
-Post workout meal

In the following pages you will find some recipes and menus that are specifically for building muscle. Add your own healthy recipes and adjust the ingredient to match that of your own nutritional goals.

Don't be surprised if you need to make a few adjustments. You might need more/less protein, more/less carbohydrates or more/less fat. Go back and add or delete foods in your recipes so that all the totals come out correctly or come pretty close.

At first, putting together your recipes and meal plans may seem difficult but like anything else, it gets easier with practice. Remember to keep foods that produce results. You will also notice changes in your body as you adjust your diet. Stick to what works!

You may also want to have a planning day which allows you to organize your recipes/menus, and evaluate your overall diet. This way, you can evaluate your current progress, make any adjustments to your plan and decide what recipes you are going to prepare for the following week.

After you have made the necessary adjustments, you can go do your grocery shopping and prepare your meals. I usually do all my planning and evaluating on Sunday morning when everything is quite and the grocery stores aren't packed.

Once the planning and evaluation is complete, I'll go out and do my grocery shopping. In the afternoon, I'll decide what recipes I'm going to cook for the following days.

In the afternoon I'll cook two to three days worth of meals and store them in containers. This way, there's no excuse for eating junk food or restaurant food. Of course, this will all depend on your schedule as you may work weekends.

If you are using a food scale, make sure you measure food in it's raw or frozen form. Don't weigh food after it has been cooked. After all the food has been weighed, store it or cook it and put each meal in a separate container. Take your meals with you and remember to eat every two to three hours.

Try storing your meals in some form of container that can be easily transported.

Here are some tasty and healthy recipes to get you started. Remember that each meal should contain roughly the same amounts of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Simply click on the link to take a look at the recipe.

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Body Building Recipes


Crunch Granola Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Burritos Recipe

Cottage Cheese And Bagel Breakfast

French Toast And Cottage Cheese Breakfast

Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes And Eggs Breakfast

Tasty Veggie Omelette

Mexican Breakfast Scramble

Fluffy Egg, Potato, and Pea Frittata


Healthy Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe

Healthy Sweet and Sour Grilled Turkey Recipe

Healthy Salmon Salad Sandwich Recipe

Muscle Building Pizza Recipe

Healthy Lean Roast Beef Sub Sandwich Recipe

Steak Sandwich


Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Healthy Rainbow Trout Recipe

Glazed Pork Chops Recipe

Muscle Building Steak And Potatoes Recipe

Chicken And Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Muscle Building Pasta Meal

Chicken and Rice Pilaf Dinner

Mid morning and mid afternoon meals

Healthy Granola And Yogurt Snack Recipe

Healthy Bagel And Cream Cheese Recipe

Healthy Protein Drink Recipe

Recipe For Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Healthy Cottage Cheese And Snack Recipe

Remember to adjust these body building recipes to match your optimal nutritional intake.

Also remember to be a little creative with your diet and add some great tasting recipes. Don't make food boring!

If you're looking for more recipes and sample menus for 2,500, 3,500 and 4,500 calorie intake, click here for additional information.

We have more recipes located in the links below. These recipes are from the readers of building muscle 101.

Yummy Beef Stragonoff

Jordan's power packed protein meal

Jordan's power packed post workout shake

Ryan's power protein shake

Homemade Meal Replacement Drink

David's protein peanut butter balls

Basic tuna and rice recipe for building muscle

Again, if you want over 200 muscle building, fat burning recipes, you have to check out Dave Ruel's cook book called "Anabolic Cooking". There are plenty of great tasting recipes so you don't have to worry about eating the same 'ole boring meals everyday.

All the best,


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