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Compound Movements and Muscle Growth

Here's a question. Do compound movements such as the dead lift, barbell row, shoulder press and chin ups build the smaller muscle groups like isolation exercises such as kick backs and concentration curls do?

What Can You Expect From Weight Training

Today, I’m going to go over a simple timeline that will outline what you can expect from a typical weight training program. Mind you, this is for an average progressive weight training program and more or less aimed at beginners who don’t know what to expect.

Pre / Post Workout Nutrition

My question is this: How can I improve my morning pre and post work out nutrition? Most importantly, getting the required pre-work out protein?

Five Signs to Break Up With Your Routine

We all find ourselves in situations where we stop growing. It might not be you but your routine. If you fall under one of these 5 points it may be time to break up with your routine.

Meal Plan Advice for Cutting Weight

I need to know roughly what I should eat that is good for what I'm trying to accomplish. I currently have a 38 inch waist and I'd like to get down to a 36 waist. I'm 38 years of age now and I'd like to build muscle mass and get leaner. My question in a nut shell is what I should basically eat on workout days from the post workout shake all the way till I go to sleep.

Do You Really Need To Train Legs?

Is leg training absolutely necessary? This really depends on your goals. I’m not going to say that you absolutely must train legs in order to get into shape or even build a half decent upper body. I know plenty of guys who never trained legs a day in their lives and managed to develop very impressive upper bodies. However...

What Do Eat When You're Sick?

I've been sick for a couple days now and I'm not hungry enough to really eat the food I need to in order to reach my goal so what are some things I should eat or do to keep up my progress?

How Can I Get Stronger?

I am 34 yrs old and have been lifting for over 12 years but I have not achieved close to what I have pictured over the years. I'd like to get bigger, leaner and stronger but I'm not sure how to do it.

How I Treated My Back Spasms

About 5 months ago, I was starting to get some minor cramping in my mid back when I trained legs and back. About a month later In the midst of making dinner, I noticed a sharp pain on the left side of my mid back that just wouldn’t go away...